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Time review – heroic dignity and high emotion in battle to free a jailed husband | Documentary films



This is a viscerally emotional documentary about Sibil Fox Richardson, an African-American woman from New Orleans who almost two decades ago began a passionate, desperate campaign for her husband, Robert, to be parolled from Louisiana state penitentiary where he had been sentenced to 60 years for armed robbery. Sibil had served three-and-a-half years in jail for her own bungled role as the supposed getaway driver for this farcical and easily foiled crime, which resulted in no serious injuries and whose perpetrators had no previous convictions.

Pathetically, the couple had hoped to invest the supposed proceeds in their own hip-hop clothing store. The film shows Sibil in her new role as a mature and impressive inspirational speaker and the devoted mother of four children, juxtaposing this with her 90s home-video footage, showing her as a girlish twentysomething. Sibil is a compelling figure here and there is real drama and power in the contrast between her youth and middle age, growing old as the children grow up, in the shadow of the pitiless “time” that her husband is serving. Her commanding personality is, for me, more important than the film’s problems.

Watch the trailer for Time

Bradley presents the story in black-and-white, which means not simply shooting present-day material in monochrome but correcting Sibil’s own colour DV footage as well – perhaps to create a more “artistic” look, which seems unnecessary. And the film is a bit reticent on the background of the case.

Watch interview with Garrett Bradley about Time

The excessive severity of Robert’s sentence was partly due to the racism of a judicial system that facilitates the mass incarceration of black men. The film conveys this. But it does not mention that the couple also, according to reports, discovered the addresses of two jurors before the trial and recklessly visited them to explain what good people they were; the jurors reported this to the judge. However, the point of the film is Sibil’s decades-long ordeal and she emerges with heroic and compelling dignity.

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Best Movie Kisses Of All Time




We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share which movie kisses still live rent free in their minds. Here are the smooches they can’t and won’t ever stop thinking about:


When Sebastian was waiting for Annette at the top of the escalator in Cruel Intentions:

Columbia Pictures

“The chemistry was off the charts, the music was beautiful, and the colors of the clothes contrast perfectly. Swoon.”



When Matthew walked right up to Danielle and planted one on her in The Girl Next Door:

20th Century Fox

“It’s what everyone dreams of doing or what everyone dreams will happen to them, and that was the first time I actually saw a movie take advantage of that.”



When Chiron and Kevin kissed on the beach in Moonlight:


“I’d been struggling with my sexuality for so long that seeing that kiss and that ultra supportive friend made me so much more comfortable with who I am.”



When Edward kissed Bella for the first time in her bedroom in Twilight:

Summit Entertainment

“The first time I saw it, I gasped and embarrassed myself in front of my mother who was watching with me. I was married and 23 years old at the time.”



When Cher and Josh kissed at the top of the stairs in Clueless:


When Ellie kissed Aster in The Half of It:


“It was the sweetest, most profound kiss of two girls just trying to figure out life, themselves, and each other.”



When Watts helped Keith “practice” kissing so he’d be ready for Amanda in Some Kind of Wonderful:

Paramount Pictures

“That kiss destroyed me as a kid, and still gives me butterflies when I watch it today. So, so, SO good!”



When Preston ran after Amanda in Can’t Hardly Wait:

Columbia Pictures

“Ethan Embry was so irresistibly adorable and I think it had just the right amount of yearning and passion mixed with sweetness. I always think of it when I think of my favorite movie kisses.”



When Ennis and Jack reunited in Brokeback Mountain:

Focus Features

“So much passion, and I read that Heath actually broke Jake’s nose because of how passionate it was.”



When Will kissed Ronnie for the first time in The Last Song:

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“It definitely had you wondering if they were gonna see each other anymore — and then the kiss! It was passionate, you could feel the chemistry. Everyone deserves to be kissed that way at least once in their life.”



When Elio and Oliver kissed for the first time in Call Me by Your Name:

Sony Pictures Classics

“It was so sensual, soft, and filled with tension. Then Elio jumped back for more! It gets me every time!”



When Johnny kissed Penelope before he knew she’d broken the curse in Penelope:

Summit Entertainment

“I may have rewatched the kiss at the end of Penelope a few times.”



When Austin ran off the field to kiss Sam right before the rain finally fell in A Cinderella Story:

Warner Bros. Pictures

“Sam said waiting for him was like waiting for rain in a drought, so the raindrop falling on his cheek after they kissed meant so much more (not just the literal ending to their drought).”



When Jack and Rose kissed for the first time as she was “flying” at the front of the boat in Titanic:

Paramount Pictures

“The hand stroking, Jack singing to her, the music…amazing, and so much chemistry.”



When Darcy bought Bridget a new diary at the end of Bridget Jones’s Diary:

Miramax Films

“That kiss was the perfect blend of sexy and tender, and (with ‘Someone Exactly Like You’ playing in the background) it was the perfect end to a funny and touching movie!”



When George removed Ada’s scarf while she was practicing her sounds and kissed her in The Piano:


When Jennifer kissed Needy in her bedroom in Jennifer’s Body:

Fox Searchlight

“That kiss has lived rent free in my brain since I first saw the movie years ago. I need no reason why.”



When Katniss kissed Peeta on the beach after confessing that she needed him in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:


“This, in my opinion, was the most genuine kiss they had.”



When Michael kissed Mia and her foot just…popped at the end of The Princess Diaries:


When Kat and Patrick kissed in the hay during their paintball game in 10 Things I Hate About You:

Buena Vista Pictures

“It was so incredibly sweet and helped you see how much they cared about each other even when doing something silly.”



And finally, when Mary Jane kissed Peter Parker upside down as Spider-Man in Spider-Man (2002):


“There’s just something about that upside-down kiss. It was sweet because you knew it was Peter Parker, it was mysterious because you knew Mary Jane had no idea it was Peter, it was sexy, it was different than any kiss you’ve seen in hundreds of other movies!”


Are there any movie kisses you still can’t get out of your head? Share them in the comments below! And be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter.

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This Girl On TikTok Looks Just Like Pam From The Office




“Dunder Mifflin, this literally is Pam.”

And I was like, “Wow, this girl really does look like Pam from The Office, huh?”


Liiiiiiiiiike………..I’m sorry, but the resemblance here is simply uncanny.

When I reached out to @livvy.lady (aka college senior Liv Arentsen) for comment, she told me her Pam videos were originally inspired by her sister telling her to curl her hair to further the resemblance.

“I asked one of my roommates to borrow her curling wand, and next thing I knew, I had over 6 million views and 1.3 million likes on a video of me transforming into Pam,” Arentsen told BuzzFeed. “I went from having around 300 followers to tens of thousands overnight.”

However, what amazed me the most was that Arentsen said she had never been compared to Pam, aka Jenna Fischer, before THIS MONTH??????

“People started comparing me to Pam on TikTok in early October,” she said. “I had never been told I looked like her before…online or in real life.”

Once again, I present you with this side-by-side:

And in one of her latest iterations, Liv is now looking for her Jim!!!!!!!!!!


Reply to @jaguar4747 i really just showed u all my side profile… DUETS R ON JIM

♬ original sound – Scene Remakes


So Liv, thank you for making these, for being able to run with the joke like a goddamn queen, and for furthering my unhealthy obsession with look-alike TikTok. Bless you.

Can’t wait to see more of your content!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

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Are You More Like Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Or Elsa From "Frozen"?




Just let it go, I guess…

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