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The Roads Not Taken review – Sally Potter’s poetic vision of mental illness | Film



Writer Leo (Javier Bardem) lies in his railroad apartment glassy-eyed and ignoring the phone. We learn that he suffers from an unnamed mental illness resembling dementia, requiring the care of his daughter, Molly (a brilliant, subtle Elle Fanning, tears brimming then stemmed to better preserve her father’s dignity as disease ebbs it away).

Inspired by her younger brother, Nic, who was diagnosed with Pick’s disease and died in 2013, director Sally Potter offers a poetic interpretation of Leo’s outward blankness, intimating a vast and active imagination flourishing unseen beneath the surface. Staccato editing contrasts the paths Leo could have taken with his current, near-catatonic state, including a life in Mexico with his first love Dolores (Salma Hayek), and a writer’s fantasy of creative solitude in Greece.

The Roads Not Taken is frequently moving, and a fascinating creative idea, but without sufficient information about Leo’s character to anchor the narrative, it feels too abstract.

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How Well Do You Remember "Home Alone"?




“Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

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November 2010 Things That Happened




A royal engagement, Rihanna and Drake, and Tangled were just a few of the things we were talking about a decade ago this month.


Kesha scored her second No. 1 of the year with “We R Who We R”:


While Rihanna and Drake went No. 1 with “What’s My Name?”:


Meanwhile, the Black Keys had the No. 1 alternative song in the country with “Tighten Up”:


Speak Now by Taylor Swift was among the No. 1 albums for that month:


Rihanna dropped her fifth album, Loud


…and Nicki Minaj dropped her debut album, Pink Friday:


Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey announced that they were engaged:

Christopher Polk / Getty Images


Prince William announced that he was engaged to Kate Middleton and that they would get married the next year:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prince William and Kate’s engagement announcement was immediately compared to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s announcement — as William proposed to Kate with Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring:

Tim Graham / Getty Images/ Chris Jackson / Getty Images


Katy Perry released her first perfume, Purr (FYI: perfume lines were the makeup collections of the ’00s and early ’10s to pop stars):

Fred Duval / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Conan O’Brien returned to late night TV with the debut of Conan on TBS:


The very popular Spanish language talk show, El Show de Cristina, ended its run after 21 years on the air:


For Colored Girls, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, and Megamind were among the movies that were released into theaters:

Lionsgate/ Warner Bros/ Dreamworks


As was the cult classic, Burlesque

Screen Gems/Courtesy Everett Collection


…and the now-classic Tangled — which would mark a shift for Disney, who would start producing all its animated films in CGI instead of traditional 2D animation:

Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

Nostalgia Trip

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Courteney Cox Recreates Friends Thanksgiving Moment




Could this BE more of a throwback?

If you’re a Friends fan, you know that the Thanksgiving episodes are perhaps some of the most memorable.

Warner Bros.

It is still 2002 in my heart.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you’re having a great day,” she began in her video.

Courteney Cox / Via

I had a lovely Thanksgiving, thanks for asking Courteney!

However, things took a turn when she added, “If I get one more goddamn GIF with that turkey on my head dancing like a fucking fool, I’m just going to snap.”

You know…this one:

@friends / Via

Right before Chandler tells her he loves her, n’aww.

However, because Courteney is a self-professed “symbol of Thanksgiving,” she didn’t end it there.

Nope — we got a full on recreation!

Look at her shimmy!

Courteney Cox / Via

One of the more horrifying GIFs I’ve made in my time, that’s for sure.

And, if the comments were anything to go by, people were into it:

Here’s hoping it didn’t smell too bad!

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