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Haunting Of Bly Manor Behind-The-Scenes Photos



This post is basically me saying “Riddikulus” to the dementor that is Haunting of Bly Manor.

The Haunting of Bly Manor came out a couple weeks ago…and honestly, I have not been the same since.


It’s wonderful and heartbreaking, but mostly TERRIFYINGLY CREEPY.

I’m a HUGE scaredy cat (but I loved Hill House, so I just HAD to watch this one!), so this show honestly gave me nightmares.

But it’s important to remember this is just a (albeit VERY well-acted) TV show. To prove it, here are 21 behind-the-scenes photos of the cast goofing around and having a great time!


This photo of Amelia Eve (who plays Jamie) and Rahul Kohli (who plays Owen) reminding us that they’re just REALLY good actors:


This hilarious video of T’Nia Miller (who plays Hannah) dancing and singing “Don’t Cha” while wearing corpse makeup.


These photos of Amelia, Rahul, T’Nia, and Tahirah Sharif (who plays Rebecca) having the best time in the kitchen:


And this photo of the same crew either filming or partying it up — I can’t tell, but they look happy:


These super-cute photos of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (who plays Miles) and Amelie Bea Smith (who plays Flora) actually looking happy for once:


I think they might be BFFs:


Like, seriously! They seem to do everything together:


This playful photo of Rahul and the Lady of the Lake (played by Daniela Dib) that takes away a bit of the creepiness of the ghosts:


And this photo Amelia posted of her in a ghost mask doing a dance:


These photos from Rebecca’s final day, including her descent into the lake:


These photos of the gang doing an escape room together:


And these photos of them celebrating the holidays:


These photos of Benjamin and Amelie with Victoria Pedretti (who plays Dani), showing there’s no hard feelings:


These adorable Polaroids, which proves that Jamie and Dani got that drink after all:


These behind-the-scenes photos that remind us that these are just ACTORS on a SET and not real people in a haunted house:


This super-cute photo of Amelia, Victoria, and Rahul cuddled up together, proving they’re just as close as their onscreen characters:


These photos of T’Nia, Amelia, and Benjamin that prove the set was far from dark and bleak:


And this absolutely splendid photo of Amelie outside her dressing room!


This wonderful video of T’Nia and Victoria singing and dancing to “Come on Eileen” on a party bus:


This selfie of Rahul and Benjamin, two of the breakout stars:


And finally, this dazzling photo of Carla Gugino with her gorgeous hair for the role:

See — not so scary now, right? Here’s hoping this will help me sleep tonight.

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