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Dylan O’Brien Opens Up About His Maze Runner Accident



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“I think that a big piece of my recovery, eventually, was accepting that this was a part of me, and it did change me.”

With several new movies coming out, Dylan O’Brien is finally back on the big screen and I couldn’t be more happy for him.

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TBH, he will always be the goofy and adorable Stiles Stilinski to me.

And several of his new movies mark the first time he’s been involved in action movies and stunts since his accident on the set of Maze Runner.

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Back in 2016, while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Dylan was hit by a car during a stunt and suffered multiple injuries.

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Since then, Dylan has spoken very little about his accident, his recovery, and how it changed his outlook on being an actor, until now.

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While on the podcast “The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin,” Dylan spoke candidly about how his accident changed everything for him.

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“That was a really hard comeback for me,” he said. “I’ve kept this really, like, private for a long time. I’ve definitely spoken on it before, but it was a really hard journey back for me.”

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Looking back on it, he thinks about how being young and not taking the time to think about stunts or ask if something was completely safe was a factor.


Now, he’s very aware of on set safety and making sure it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

“Everyone is an expert in what they do on a set. So, especially when you’re younger, like I was, I think I was about 24 when my accident happened, I was just game. I was game,” he said.

“I loved what I did. I loved being on set, it was my favorite place in the world. I loved my crew. My crews are my families, my life, my worlds. I put my trust into them and I think that was a piece of what made it so hard, having that so viciously and scarily broken one time.”

20th Century Fox / Everett Collection

Dylan explained that it “completely rewired” how he felt about being on set and that there was a moment where he thought he would never step foot on a set again.

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Now, Dylan is “hypervigilant” during filming. He said, “Whenever I’m put in a rig, I’m vetting every piece of that rig. Just really, like, dialed in and close with the stunt team that you’re working with rather than just sort of blindly putting your trust in other people’s hands.”

20th Century Fox / Everett Collection

Alongside the physical recovery, Dylan explained that his accident completely changed his outlook on life, especially what he finds most important.

Dylan said that during recovery, he felt he had “neglected” some of his closest friends for years and it became very important to him to “nurture those relationships” and to not lose them.

Araya Doheny / Getty Images

Dylan said he will always be dealing with his accident and he has “worked really hard” on processing what he went through and that it will always be a part of him.

Priscilla Grant / Everett Collection

He continued, saying, “You come out of it on the other side and you can either focus on things that it changed about you, in a positive way, or you can really dwell on how it changed you in negative ways. And I think that a big piece of my recovery, eventually, was accepting that this was a part of me, and it did change me.”

“I’m thankful for it in ways. It has definitely changed me in so many ways and made me who I am today.”

You can listen to Dylan’s full episode of “The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin” here.

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