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Cursed Season 2: Interesting Theories And Predictions



Morgana is based on Morgan le Fay in Arthurian myth, and her name is a great big hint for where her story might go. Thanks to her possession by the Cailleach, she already started turning towards the dark side, with ambitions to become more powerful than Nimue and rule the fey. At the end of Season 1, we saw her transform into the Widow — a version of Death. With these two elements within her, it’s no doubt she will continue on a dark path and become more and more powerful. There’s a really good chance she’ll ultimately become a villain Nimue must battle — a complicated situation for everyone, but especially Arthur, who will potentially be torn between his sister and the woman he loves. Perhaps this will cause the rupture in his romance with Nimue, opening up space for his relationship with Guinevere — and, if fans are right, Nimue’s with Lancelot (or, you know, maybe those ships will have sailed long before any big confrontation).

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Ariana Grande Stole A Cutout At The Borat 2 Premiere




In case you’ve been living under a rock the size of Kazakhstan: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s uproariously funny 2006 film Borat, is out this Friday, October 23, on Amazon Prime.

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ONE Media / YouTube

But, really, it’s okay to call it Borat 2 if you want. That’s basically what it is.

Last night, a “drive-in double tested” screening of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm went down, and a few big-deal stars were in attendance: Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Josh Gad, Cohen (of course)—and Ariana Grande.

See that Borat cutout that all the celebs are huddled around? Well, it turns out Ariana decided to take one of those home with her. She captured the saga on her Instagram Story, which a fan account circulated around the internet for anyone feeling the FOMO.

Twitter user @DarianaInfo

After taking Borat home, Ariana found a nice place in the sun for him to sit—er, I mean, stand.

Twitter user @Darianainfo

Even Ariana’s dog met Borat and let out a mighty howl—that is, before Ariana did her best Borat impression.

Twitter user @Darianainfo

While we’re on the subject—Borat Subsequent Moviefilm isn’t the only thing we’re looking forward to this month. Ariana’s releasing her new single “Positions” this week, with the album of the same name coming on October 30 (her website is running a countdown clock for both right now if you’re just that much of a stan). Hey, maybe Borat will drop a guest vocal one of the songs…you never know.

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Only Europeans Will Be Able To Pass This Disney Geography Quiz




“And, as I always say, ‘If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.'”

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Lisa Landry From “Sister, Sister” Is The Best TV Mom Of All Time




The show may have been called Sister, Sister, but it was all about Lisa, Lisa.

It’s a debate as old as television itself: Who is the absolute greatest TV mom of all time?!

Well, I’m here to squash that discussion right now for good…it’s Lisa Landry from Sister, Sister. That’s the answer. Frankly, there’s ZERO competition. There’s Lisa, then there’s everyyyone else.

So here are just a FEW of the times Lisa proved that she was, without a doubt, the best:


The time she delivered this A+ burn:


The time she called off her wedding and took it…like this:


The time she was definitely NOT disappointed:


The time she gave this helpful advice to a fellow churchgoer:


The time she mixed up her snack(?) containers:


The time she told her neighbor THIS:


The time she dropped some straight-up wisdom:


The time she completely understood the job market:


The time she made this error (and was STILL supportive):


The time she was a little TOO moved by the spirit:


The time she knew just what to say to get the nurses to help her babies:


The time she made this announcement at a grocery store:


The time she refused to be the one to do the dishes:


The time she won three tickets for beauty makeovers…


Lisa: Ooh, girls! I got three gift certificates for beauty makeovers!

Ray: You need three, huh?


…and didn’t hesitate to take the girls with her:


The time she apologized to an old blind date:


Lisa: Louie I know it was just a blind date, but when I opened the door, I shouldn’t have said, “I wish I were blind.”


And finally — the time she made Ray fake ~being intimate~ with her to get her mother (who was staying in the room next door) off her back:

So, uh, yeah…there ya have it. Lisa Landry is, was, and will always be the best TV mom of all time, PERIOD. BAR NONE. NO CONTEST. THANK YOU, BYE.

I wonder if Jackée Harry suffers from any spinal damage from carrying sister sister on her back all 6 seasons

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