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11 Ellen DeGeneres Fan Moments That Have Me Side-Eyeing



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After these allegations, people have been re-examining Ellen and her talk show segments. Here are some moments Ellen had with her fans that have me going, “Hmm…”


When she mocked this fan’s gift in a segment called, “Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts”:


When she embarrassed a fan by showing her old, risqué Facebook photos in a segment that now has about 16 million views on YouTube:


When she infamously shamed an audience member for taking more than one piece of free merch from her shop in a now-viral segment…


…and then literally put her in a mock jail/time-out thing. WHAT?!


When this audience member was chosen to meet Ellen and — according to her — was told to “not be funnier than Ellen”:


When she shared an embarrassing picture of a fan humping a tree in a segment that now has almost 2 million views on YouTube:


When she promised everyone a copy of Flo Rida’s album…

…but reportedly, members never got it:


When she dissed this superfan’s tattoo in a segment called “Bad Paid-For Tattoos”:


When she had a bizarre segment called “I Thought You Were My Friend,” where people would send Ellen unflattering pictures of their friends and she shared them on her show:


And lastly, when Ellen had a struggling college student on her show, who had been donating blood for six months — just to pay for a computer. Ellen said Shutterfly would pay for her tuition. Then, producers whispered in Ellen’s ear that that was not the case — and that she was only getting a computer. It was a mess:

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The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Fan Reactions




This! Post! Is! Only! Spoilers! Beware!

So, Chapter 13 of The Baby Yoda Variety Hour (aka, The Mandalorian) dropped this morning, and y’all…it is giving us everything we could possibly want!

OH, HOLD UP, before we get too into this — I better throw one of these up. Please heed this very serious warning*:


*No, seriously…this post is ONLY spoilers for Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, so please click away until you’ve had a chance to watch it!

Everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled gone now? Good. ANYWAY, Chapter 13 was a DOOSEY. We received some incredible cameos, and even got some new information about our beloved baby boy!

We finally got to see a live-action version of fan-favorite Jedi, Ashoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), and — predictably, given the character’s history — she kicked all sorts of ass.

We also received quite a bit of new information and teases through Ashoka, one stand out being that Grand Admiral Thrawn is still very much on her mind — and, as such, may be making an appearance on the show in the future.

But perhaps the biggest piece of new info we got (which also came directly from Ashoka) was the Child/the Asset/”Hey, Stop That!”/Baby Yoda’s true name: Grogu. His name is Grogu.


It sounds like a Neopet, and I’m here for it all day.

As I’m sure you could’ve guessed, fans positively LOST. THEIR. COLLECTIVE. MINDS. OVER. THIS. EPISODE.

Fans have been waiting (im)patiently for a live-action interpretation of Ashoka for so long, it was truly a rewarding experience to behold.

She! Even! Dual! Wielded!

Plus, the high-energy and overall ~mysterious vibe~ of the entire episode felt like a true return to form for Star Wars.

And so many new things were teased, we’re all going to need to take some time off of work before the next chapter to process everything.

I’m sure our bosses will understand.

ALSO, GROGU?! BABY YODA (who, yes, was never actually a baby version of Yoda…but, come on, it was still a pretty fun name to use to annoy those fans) IS ACTUALLY NAMED “GROGU?!”


So, uh, yeah. There you have it. Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian is certainly the wildest episode yet, and is now streaming on Disney+!

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Black Beauty review – gender-swapped classic makes Beauty a ‘mare | Film




The children’s classic Black Beauty gets another screen adaptation, this time from Disney: a modern-ish take in which the young human heroine is seen writing stuff in her school exercise book about climate change and horses are shown as therapy for disabled young people. But it’s a sonorously well-meaning film that bathes everything in the bland, buttery sunlight that Disney always produces and in which the human performances are as opaque as the ones given by the horses

Jo (Mackenzie Foy) is a teenage girl whose parents have been killed in a car wreck and she’s sent to live on the farm owned by her rough-hewn, honest uncle, the resonantly named John Manly (Iain Glen). John breaks and trains horses, and one of these is a magnificently proud mustang, which lonely Jo names Black Beauty (Black Beauty’s cutesy-wise narrative voiceover is performed by Kate Winslet in a twangy American accent, this being an American horse.) Only Jo can tame this horse, and only this horse can heal Jo’s grieving heart.

The big change in this new version is that Black Beauty is now a mare, and the gender-switch perhaps changes the emotional dynamic, especially in the scene where – how to put this? – Jo ecstatically barebacks with Black Beauty for the first time. From there, the story becomes episodic as Jo and Black Beauty are parted and the horse has lots of different owners, some good, some mean, but proud Beauty always mutely keeps her spirits up, and Jo always dreams that some day she will find Black Beauty again. (The Call of the Wild and War Horse were both, in their ways, influenced by this story.)

Fundamentally there’s something pretty uninspired and corporate about the way this film is presented, more like motion-capture than real humans and horses.

• Black Beauty is released on 27 November on Disney+.

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NBC’s Peacock Streaming Is On Sale For Black Friday




Peacock Premium is 20% off and my wig is 100% off.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Some thrilling Black Friday news for anyone who could really use a good laugh, cry, or Kris Jenner prank right now: For the very first time since its launch in July, NBC is offering a discount on Peacock Premium. If you subscribe to the streaming service today you’ll save 20% on the yearly rate.


For the uninitiated, there are currently three Peacock membership tiers: regular Peacock (which is 100% free); Peacock Premium, which unlocks extra content; and Peacock Premium *Plus*, which makes your viewing experience completely ad-free.

Not only is Peacock home to 18 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and 46 seasons of Saturday Night Live, but it’s also filled with hidden — and platform-exclusive — gems like A.P. Bio.


This light-hearted and easy-to-watch comedy debuted on NBC in 2018 but was dropped after two seasons. Fortunately, Peacock brought it back for a (critically acclaimed) third season and all is well again.

It probably won’t come as a shock to anyone that Peacock will also grant you access to a number of classic NBC properties like Parks and Rec, and the crystal-gazing 30 Rock.


30 Rock really did predict the rise of TikTok (and the unfortunate downfall of Quibi, too).

And to really bring it home, Peacock is, arguably, the premier destination for reality television right now. Please, for the love of God, pack your knives and go sign up.


This generous catalog added back in September includes, and is certainly not limited to, Below Deck, Real Housewives, Top Chef, Vanderpump Rules, Hell’s Kitchen, and the aforementioned K.U.W.T.K.

Well, I won’t steal any more of your precious streaming time. You have until Sunday, Nov. 29, to act on this Black Friday promotion. Get an annual Peacock Premium membership for $39.99 (originally $49.99) today.

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Check out all of BuzzFeed’s gift guides!


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